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    In this way, edjufy noticeably reduces the administrative effort.

Smart functions for the digitalised school

"Those who stop getting better have stopped being good."

Quote Philip Rosenthal (Translated)

That is why we are constantly developing the edjufy platform further and show you on this page which functions already effectively simplify your everyday school life. Because the administration of the digitalised school of the future should not only be simple and secure, but should also noticeably reduce the stress for teachers, head teachers and secretaries.

Free of charge for schools
Corona-Test documentation for schools
In recent weeks, we have received many enquiries as to whether electronic documentation of the Corona Tests in schools is possible via edjufy. With this new and independent module, which we are making available to all schools nationwide free of charge for one year, we are making our contribution to pandemic management and ensuring more teaching time at our schools.
Your environmental contribution
Digital parent letter
Reach parents quickly and easily. For a parent letter, select a grade, a school class / class group or your own recipient group from internal users and track the status in the delivery control. You can easily record acknowledgements or replies at a glance.
The relief for your secretariat
Online excuse management
Legal guardians can excuse their children themselves and thus simplify the work of the secretary's office. edjufy automatically compares the excuses stored with the absences from the class register and alerts the administration in the event of a discrepancy.
The hub of your school day
Digital class register
In the digital class register, you can record the topics covered in class, exam announcements and absent/present pupils. Absences are automatically compared with existing excuses.
Manage absences reliably
Absence management
The absence management system collects absences and excuses for you. Be alerted to deviations and anomalies or use the various evaluation options and export the absences to your third-party systems such as a grade manager.
All exams at a glance
Exam calendar
Collaboratively manage appointments for announced exams and make them available to the parents of your pupils, e.g. as a calendar feed. Scheduling exams, whether announced or unannounced, has never been easier.
All events at a glance
School calendar
A central calendar application for all your appointments. Whether for a class group, the whole school or just for your staff. With edjufy you can create flexible appointments, define user rights and determine the visibility (e.g. of unannounced performance reviews).
With the edjufy homework module, you can make homework from the digital class register available to pupils and legal guardians on a class-by-class basis.
Leave request
The leave request is seamlessly integrated into the edjufy excuse process as well as into the absence management. The interface to the exam calendar shows you directly announced exams in the approval process and with the help of our legally compliant documentation, all steps are logged in detail.
Parents consultation days
Plan and manage parent consultation days from the first invitation to spontaneous cancellations on the day of the event. With edjufy, you can plan your next consultation day more efficiently and clearly than ever before. Use our practical modes for video/online, presence or telephone consultation days.
Room and asset booking
Conveniently book equipment, rooms or, for example, tablet cases via edjufy asset management. Your assets can be conveniently managed and reserved via our web interface. No matter whether you are at home or at school.
Direct messages
In addition to the digital parent letter that you can send to school classes or groups, edjufy also offers you a message module for communicating with individual persons. This makes edjufy Messenger a secure and privacy-compliant solution as an alternative to unencrypted e-mail or chat messages.
Available from March 2022
Legal guardian meetings
Digitise the scheduling of learning development meetings with our legal guardian meetings module. Your teachers can flexibly define the participating pupils and parents and create their own appointment suggestions from which the parents can then choose.
Available from April 2022
360-degree pupil view
With the 360-degree pupil view, you can see all relevant data available in edjufy at a glance. This special view shows you, among other things, all the pupil's absences / excuses, parent letters that the legal guardians have received and any disciplinary entries from the edjufy class register.

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